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SUFFERING FROM J. D. A. (Jesus Deficiency Anemia)

    What is JDA  and what are its symptoms?  JDA  is Jesus Deficiency Anemia consisting of several ailments one has  due to too little time in fellowship with the Lord Jesus.  What are its symptoms? Having a “meh” attitude about life, prolonged lethargy,  joylessness,  lack of energy/purpose, a feeling that something’s not right but you …

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I have long believed that God speaks to us, shows us things when and as He sees fit; things about ourselves, things about our world, things passed and things to come. He seems to do this when I least or half expect it. Case in point, yesterday (3/19/2014) I basked in the early spring sunshine, …

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Misplaced (or Lost) Zeal

What are you zealous for? Many people can be very zealous about so many different things….political candidates, sports teams, etc. In the 2008 election I worked very “zealously” for a candidate. On one occasion me and another lady stood on a busy corner for two hours, during rush hour holding our candidate’s sign, jumping up …

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