Tovah Janovsky is a writer, blogger, volunteer, blood donor, spirit-filled follower of Jesus, and
a follower of the Bible. She loves to read, write, minister to others, and study
foreign languages (mainly Italian and Hebrew). She attends Florida Writer Association
Meetings in Palm Coast, FL and reads her work at open mic events in the area.

More important to her than even writing is her relationship with Jesus. She has kept
a journal of her times of meditations and dreams of Him. She wants everyone to know
and love Him as she does. She has shared many of her moments with Him in her blog

Tovahsez: I hope you like reading my blog. Feel free to send me comments and criticisms
to help me grow as a writer. Thank you.

1 Comment

  1. Hi Tovah,

    Do you vant that ve should save you a seat at our table tonight?

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