Matthew 28:19-20 states:  19 Therefore go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, 20 and teaching them to obey everything I have commanded you.

This is called the Great Commission.  A commandment to the followers of Christ.  Some practice friendship evangelism.  A believer builds a relationship with a friend, neighbor, co-worker, etc. eventually telling him/her about the saviour.  That can work in some cases.  The apostles, however, had no time for this method.  They went from town to town,  talked about Jesus to the crowds, what they learned from Him and most of all taught how his sacrificial death and resurrection paid their sin debt.  They called folks to a repentant lifestyle and accept Jesus sacrifice, baptizing them after they professed such faith.

Last year, God impressed on me to engage people more directly.  Thus was born Tea Time with Tovah (see facebook page of same name).  With teammates Pia, Irma,  Nepy, and occasional guest helpers,  we go to Flagler Beach, prop up my Tea Time with Tovah sign at a covered picnic table and as folks walk by, greet them and ask if they’d like some cold ice tea and cookies.  Many stop and we chat with them a bit.  When they ask why we are doing this, we advise we are there to bless people with treats, pray for any needs they have and ask if Jesus is their Lord and if they know the gospel.  If they are not interested we wish them well as they leave; if interested we share the gospel and pray with them to receive Jesus.  We then provide wooden or colored cut stone crosses and offer free bibles.  At times we baptize them right there in the ocean.  It’s very 1st century and totally exhilirating!

Here are some encounters:   2/15/19 Kenneth A….a homeless marine vet.  His face was weathered and leathery but his blue eyes still twinkled.  I struck up a chat with him and bought him some lunch.  He showed me his bullet scars and a huge lump on his back where shrapnel was imbedded.  He said he believed in Jesus but has misbegotten ideas about God’s forgiveness. He took lives in the service, and thinks he is going to hell.   Before parting ways,  I gave him a wooden neck cross and pocket new testament hoping it might encourage his faith.  I prayed for his travels to Virginia to see his daughters and that he would believe in God’s forgiveness.  He thanked me for even bothering with him as so many people give him dirty looks or chase him away.  This is how we can show the love of Jesus to others through kind acceptance.  If they can’t see Him in us, what are we really doing out here?  We need to be His eyes, ears and healing hands.

10/11  Great time today at Andy Romano Park. Six people prayed to receive Yeshua…..including surfers Nick, Kenny and David;  Also met pastor in training Kevin and wife Raquel. They were very excited about what we were doing.  On their way to Sebastian, FL (I think) they said might do a similar outreach at the beaches down there. Hallelujah!!   I talked with Mark who was ambivalent about the gospel message. Middle aged Ed felt there’s something good in all religions. I shared with each of them Yeshua’s words….”I AM the Way the Truth and the Life…No one comes to the Father except through me”

11/1  Ormond outreach.   Chatted with two middle aged gents and asked if they knew what the gospel message was. One said it was to be good to others. Made a “wrong answer game show” noise then explained how we try to obey God but fail often so Jesus came to suffer and die to pay our sin debt; if we repent and believe in Him, we will not face God’s punishment.  I asked if they would like to do that. Answer: No. Gave them tracts and as they left told them would pray they change their minds and escape the burning building of their lives in which they now live.  Does that sound extreme?  Guilty as charged.  Sometimes I do tire of pussyfooting around with people.

3/7/19 At Romano Park…met two nice blokes from England; George and son Sean. George WAS a Baptist but turned off by the hypocrisy he saw. Urged him not to throw away Jesus because of that. Sean believes people should just love each other. I asked what about our sins…when we break God’s commandments and the need to remove them so one day can live with God….cricket sounds. Then asked if they believe in the bible….more cricket sounds.  Sean was very kind and said he understood that we sincerely wanted to share our message. They left and I said I will pray their hearts soften towards God and Jesus the son.

2/28….Shawna/Shauna approached our table and my spirit sensed she wanted to talk to

us. I asked her if Jesus was in her heart. She said was 2 years free of cancer and been

drawing closer to God since then. I exhorted her to draw ever closer to Him. I should

have asked her to pray to receive him. She said her faith was in process so did not press

her.  We gave Shawna a lovely turquoise colored stone cross. We put it on her and it

contrasted beautifully with her tan skin.  Her face lit up.  and she beamed ear to ear. We

said we would pray her faith would grow. She said “I’m going to cry”. Hoping to see her

again to give her list of houses of worship.

Time does not allow to share every story with y’all.  We’ve ministered to surfer teens,

high school kids, homeless, tourists, lonely, stressed, you name it kind of folks and it is

our joy to do so.  We go to Andy Romano park 1st and 2nd Thursdays, and Flagler Beach

3rd and 4th Thursdays 11 am to 1 pm.  Stop  by sometime for tea and sympathy, cookies,

prayers, etc.  Would love to see you there.


Update:  after watching a Paul Washer video the other night I’ve decided that folks need
to do more than accept Jesus sacrifice for their salvation.  Too many do that but then go
their own unholy way.  We are told to make disciples, not believers.  From now on I will
ask folks if they are disciples of Jesus and if they know what that means and requires of
them.  I know many may walk away but also know this is what God wants me to do.
That video was a direct message and wake up call to me to make this change.  thanks for


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