Is the Bride ready???

On July 25 2017 I was worshipping with other believers at faith sister Donna’s home.  We always have a paper and pen ready for recording visions or impressions the Lord downloads into us.

As we sang out our songs of love and worship this is what I received from the Lord:

“Prepare yourself My precious bride.  Put on your pure white gleaming bridal gown.  Sully it not with any imperfection for I desire a perfect bride.  You are so beautiful and I love you so much.  Our wedding day is soon coming, so keep yourself pure.  I come with rings and a crown of gold and diamonds.  I love to lavish the costliest gifts upon you, for you are my beloved forever.  Be faithful and wait for me……It won’t be much longer before we are joined together eternally! ”

So let us now ask ourselves…Are we ready?  Will we not be ashamed at His coming?  If we are not ready, no time like the present to get ready.  Are we repenting of our “pet” sins??  Repent of them NOW!!!   If we love Him as we profess, He will help us to do that.  May HaShem lead us all into all holiness and righteousness.


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  1. Hi Tovah! how amazing you have written about the Bride of Christ! A few years back, I started a painting of what I title ‘The Waiting Bride’ sits on my easel unfinished in my garage studio. Each year I become inspired to add to it. Here’s the link from 2014…. Since then, I’ve made some changes and additions which are not shown in this picture. My intention is to fill her dress and train with images of people from all walks of life, and all manner of patience to represent the Body of Christ. It measures 7 feet tall..tiny in size by mural standards, but huge in my mind and heart as I imagine this particular bride waiting thru the centuries with baited breath for her bridegroom to arrive! That day is not far off as she gazes expectantly into the preliminary light of His presence !!! A faded image of the Holy City is pictured in the distance. Maranatha!!!

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