If you read the description of this blog, you saw that I described myself as a Messianic Jew.  Whenever I tell someone this, in my mind I see quizzical facial expressions, or a large question mark blinking on and off on the forehead of the befuddled person. Ninety percent of the time, that’s what happens.

To elucidate, a Messianic Jew is a Jew who follows a Messiah who has already come. You could
say that all Jews that believe in the Messiah (whether he has come or not) are Messianic Jews, but most Jews do not identify themselves in this way because there is a spectrum of beliefs as to: 1) Is there a Messiah? 2) Is the Messiah a physical person? 3) Is it a Messianic era that we are waiting for rather than a man? Messianic Jews today believe that Yeshua (aka Jesus) is the Messiah as prophesied in the Hebrew scriptures.

In my opinion, Messianic Judaism is like the Rodney Dangerfield of all religions….We don’t get no respect! Because we do not exclusively call ourselves Jews nor Christians creates an unsettling effect on those two groups and many others. People like to put labels on you so they know what pigeonhole to put you in. It makes them feel safe and comfortable. To proclaim yourself as a Messianic Jew is akin to trying to put a square peg in a round hole.

We’ve heard all the usual arguments…..”If you believe in Jesus, then aren’t you a Christian?” We reply, “No, because we identify with the very first believers who were Jews”. We observe the biblical Sabbath and the moedim (appointed times, feasts)…..Christians do not. We take our cues from the Jewish believers of 2000 years ago who remained true to their Jewish roots and also accepted Yeshua as the promised Messiah. We are not deterred from this faith position by the opinions and lack of acceptance of others. Therefore, we say to our detractors “Get Over It – We’re Here to Stay”.

I have a dream………..I dream of a future day when the mistrust and negative feelings towards us will be relegated to a museum exhibit. I can see it all now…..within the diorama will stand figures of Messianic Jews, huddled together in the center holding their Bibles over their heads to form a collective shield. A group of Jews at one far side and Christians on the other are frowning at them and throwing an array of objects on/towards them. Those looking at the exhibit will say…..remember when it used to be like that for the Messianic Jews….thank G-d it’s no longer that way.
May that day come soon…………..Amen


  1. illanit

    I totally understand. Shalom

    • Thank you Illanit. So you live in Japan? Are you Jewish by birth or just identify with
      the Jewish people? I presume you believe in Yeshua and follow the Torah, yes? Is there
      a messianic jewish congregation you attend in Japan? Write and tell me more about your self.
      Shalom! Tovah

      • illanit

        Yes- that’s correct- we live in Japan. My husband is Japanese. I have Jewish ancestry but my mother was Lutheran- dad didn’t discuss ” religion”- Germans. Mom did the best she could and took us to the Lutheran church as children. I left that faith when I was 18 and ” wandered” in the wilderness of so many theologies and doctrines- always praying for truth. I am a Torah observant believer in Yeshua. No doctrine, religion, theology. If that makes sense. 🙂

      • illanit

        Oh- there is a Messianic congregation but it is very, very far from where we live- not possible to visit them. I’d have to fly. We live in the countryside- there are a few churches- Catholic, Baptist…but no messianic congregations or anyone like-minded as far as I know.

      • Hi again……Are you on facebook. What name do you use on facebook so
        I can find you and send a friend request.

  2. I was raised Catholic. My mom was Jewish and converted to marry dad. She told me late in her life that she really did believe in Yeshua and was reading a New Testament I gave her. In my early 20’s I wandered off, forgot about Yeshua and dabbled in many things also…eastern religion, meditation, spiritualism, etc. By 1981 certain events in my life led me back to my first love and I made a serious commitment to Yeshua and God’s Holy Word. I have slowly become more and more Torah observant….no more excuses and half-baked obedience. Maybe put a small ad in a paper about a messianic group you could start. You never know. It doesn’t have to be a big deal, just people of like faith getting together to sing, pray, etc. Think about it.

  3. 119ministries has a fellowship finder for Torah observant Messianic congregations. Look at this map
    Is where you live anywhere near you?

  4. Are you near Aomori or Iwakuni? There are congregations there.

  5. Such an intriguing position that you’re in Tovah, being of some Jewish heritage and raised Catholic, but to eventually embrace Messianic Judaism! Kind of like having one foot in each world!! And Ilanit, of Jewish and German decent, married to a Japanese husband. I am challenge to identify myself… a practicing Irish Catholic till age 21- introduced to Jesus (Yeshua) by a Jewish believer! My husband and I now alternate between 2 messianic fellowships on Fri & Sat, and then to a non-denominational Christian church on Sundays! So what am I? No Jewish blood that I am aware of, – can’t call myself Messianic per se. All I know is that Jesus (Yeshua) is my life and it is so exciting to read posts like this!

    • Thank you so much for your kind words. Don’t concern yourself over what to call yourself. Personally I don’t like labels as that allows others to shove you into some pigeon hole. I tell people I am a disciple of Yeshua living in obedience (as best I can) to God’s commandments. That sounds like a mouthful, I know. I put out a new post recently, “Stranger in a Strange Land….a Pilgrim’s Progress” in which i expand on this issue. Do you believe that many of the Torah commandments are still active and should be obeyed? Because most churches do not properly honor the Torah, I do not attend their services and only go to my messianic congregation. I pray the Lord bless you and your husband and please stay in touch.

  6. First post here shows the “Stranger… ” post


  1. Place for a fifth and sixth house in Christendom | Bijbelvorser = Bible Researcher

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