Gods Light2
Throughout the ages many people have had God encounter experiences.  Add me to that group.  Here’s what happened.

In early June 2015 I went to a fellowship group called Wave Riders in Ormond Beach.

We met in a former Bank of America building on Granada Boulevard.  Inside it was kind of dark and cozy with klieg lights

and a stage area.  The group was composed of some folks of mixed ages….a few bore tattoos and one lady was from Denmark, now living in Daytona Beach with her husband.  Christian music played and those who knew the lyrics sang while others did some free form vocalizing, singing in the spirit.

The leader, a tall man with a ponytail led the group.  Everyone knows him as Java John because he works as a barista at the Ocean Walk Starbucks.  Many just call him Java for short.  He was there with his wife P Bear….the sweetest couple you’d ever want to meet.

During the singing  some ladies danced, others sat on their chairs silently worshipping.  Soon we began discussing a variety of Biblical topics which I can’t remember at the moment.

We closed the meeting with a prayer circle.  Java prayed about God scooping us up in His arms like a big loving daddy that He is.  As he said this a vision formed in my mind.  I saw myself being scooped up by my Heavenly Father and as He did this, I leaned in closer to Him trying to use my hands to draw myself closer and closer to him.    No matter how wide I tried to extend my arms, I could not take all of Him in yet I kept reaching and stretching. I pressed myself into Him,  harder and harder.  Then suddenly, I broke “into” Him, entering His very being.  He was all beautiful light like I’ve never seen.  Like a feather riding on a warm zephyr, I floated in the beauty of the golden light.  The image above is the closest I can come to regarding what I saw in that moment.

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