servanthood7/2/2015    7:30 a.m.  BOOM!  BANG!  THUD!  My husband stumbles off a lower stair and lands like a sack of potatoes.  Cries for help and sounds of writhing pain break into the silence of the front door foyer at our daughter’s home.  Hubby insists something is broken as our daughter counters it is probably a bad sprain.  We immediately embark on a journey for medical attention and soon learn his ankle is fractured in 3 places.  We are advised to see an orthopedic doctor immediately.  We do and discover the injury requires surgery which happens a few days later.

Finicky husband with a fractured ankle….the test of servanthood commences.  Wants and needs hit me like a rushing avalanche.  Nerves crackling like a raging campfire.  “I want this”, “get me that”, “I need…..” and so it goes.  I need the patience of Job and a servant’s heart like the Little Sisters of the Poor.  I pray to God:

“Lord help me to die to self for another’s sake.  I think I am capable of this then realize how I failed so miserably.  Bring me to a place of feeling joy at fulfilling each request.  Would I not do the same for Yeshua?”

I sense Him telling me

“Consider John as Me and Me as John and walk in that knowledge.  Serving resentfully is not of Me….so change your attitude now, lest you remain in my displeasure.  If you ask, I will empower you, strengthen you so you will enjoy blessing your husband.  Remember how he tirelessly took care of you just a few months ago after your hip surgery?  Follow his example.  Many are the times he was more like Me than you were.

I love you Tovah and desire only the  best for you.  You CAN pass this test of servanthood,  but only to the extent of your dying to self and letting Me and My Spirit operate in and through you.  I AM so with you in this.   Let’s do it together.

To that I say, Amen and amen!


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