There’s not much I’m really interested these days but to prepare for the coming of the end.

Sounds pretty dismal doesn’t it?  The signs keep coming together with exponential speed.

I ask myself more and more, are you ready to meet the Lord,  to meet Yeshua the messiah and not be ashamed to stand before Him?  Am I passionate about sharing the gospel of salvation with everyone?  I carry ministry cards with me to pass out, but nine times out of ten, forget to give them to checkout clerks, waitresses, etc.  Maybe I’ll put them in a wallet slot so when I pay for something I will see it and remember.  Once I’ve done this multiple times, I may remember to give out the card without having to stash them in my already loaded wallet.

     Will I tell people believe or go to hell?  No…I’d rather say or do something to stimulate their appetites to seek after God.  His word says, If you seek Me with all your heart, you will find Me.  I want them to know and love Him, not believe out of fear (though many have come to Him because of fear).  I pray those who came to Him in fear, now know and love Him because they came to really know Him as the loving Abba father that He is.  Yeshua said , If I be lifted up, I will cause all men to come unto Me”.  People will want Him if they see Him being lived out through our lives.  It’s so simple yet so few of we who believe take this as seriously as they should.  Be kind, forgiving, considerate, slow to take offense, give way to the other guy.  While it sounds worn out today, we should keep asking “What would Yeshua do?” and let that guide our behavior and language.

People are starving to have something to believe in, within their lives.  Many things happening in today’s world cause many to feel hopeless about their lives, their future, and their children’s future.

My desire is to give people hope for their “eternal” lives.  That is where my own hope lies.  I care less and less about many things in this world….Solomon was right when he said “there is nothing new under the sun”.  Maybe this is why I have less and less interest in reading or writing.  What can I say that hasn’t already been said.

     All I want now is to feel God’s presence in my daily life and to pray to and worship Him as I wait for Yeshua’s return with a new heaven and a new earth.  Maranatha!  Come quickly!

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