Last week I had another dream about dad. I was back at our old apartment at 96-12 101st Avenue, Ozone Park, NY. The apartment is above a store that made window blinds. The roof of the store was a few inches below our kitchen and bedroom windows and we could go out the window and roam around their roof.

I was on the roof in the morning, outside what would have been my parents’ bedroom. As I sat at a little black, wrought iron table having coffee, something caught my eye from the adjacent building, to the right. In an upper window I saw dad trying to get my attention, wildly waving and gesturing. He was calling me to come up/in. I yelled up to him “Don’t worry…I am watching the clock” as I pointed to a small white clock on the table. Then I said something like “I’ll be in/up at 7 to get ready” Ready for work/school? I appeared as a young woman in this dream. Then the dream ended.

So I’m wondering…am I not long for this life, and if so how do I feel about that? I’ve often said that I am ready to go whenever it’s my time. But am I? What concerns me most is leaving behind unfinished business…my husband, kids, grandkids, a book never written, a young boy I help at the school, unpaid debts, etc. On the other hand, there is the promise of heaven…no sickness, no disease, seeing loved ones again, being with Yeshua, seeing Abba Father, experiencing the unimaginable beauty of heaven, living in the heavenly Jerusalem, ascending the step to the Temple and giving worship to God in that place as the choir sings and the 24 elders play exquisite music on their harps.

Where am I going with this you ask? I don’t know, but I accept being on this road, wherever it takes me in this life or the next.
heavenstairway2 heavenstairway

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