Monthly Archives: June, 2014


On 6/13/2014 I was at a meeting of One New Man Arising. Our faith brother Steve C was there too, among others. Ann G. asked Steve to open our meeting with a blast of the shofar. At the side of the room (it’s a powerful sound) he blew a short blast. We all wanted more …

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Half awake…..half asleep Eyes slowly open and there he is A towering white fog of a figure standing by my bedside Angelic watchman, steadfast at his post, never tired or bored Watching someone sleep must be so very tedious yet there he is Heaven-sent,  my very own personal bodyguard. As consciousness increases, he slowly fades …

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Last week I had another dream about dad. I was back at our old apartment at 96-12 101st Avenue, Ozone Park, NY. The apartment is above a store that made window blinds. The roof of the store was a few inches below our kitchen and bedroom windows and we could go out the window and …

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