The following is an excerpt from my journal on 7/6/12

I SPEAK:  Abba help me to seek only your love and praises and not that of others.  I hate it when I fish for compliments and praise from others.  How lame is that?  We both know where this comes from….the lack of such things as I was growing up; insufficient affirmation and not fully knowing your true nature or the depth of your love for me.  Help me to show forth the gifts you gave me to bring glory to You and You alone.  Help me also to accept unsolicited praise and compliments graciously, bearing in mind that anything praiseworthy in me comes from You and You alone.  I am so grateful that You know me and everything about me better than I even know about myself.

ABBA SPEAKS:   You are my very precious daughter.  I love you and delight in you so much.  I and I alone AM the one and only glory and lifter of your head.  I AM your all and all.  My sufficiency towards you is never-ending, abundant and overflowing.  Immerse yourself with joy in my sufficiency like you joyfully immersed yourself in My ocean yesterday.  Remember the times of my visitations to you…in your hospital room, when I kissed your cheek as you sat on the sofa feeling sad over something.  Tap into those happy memories when the need for love and affirmation visits upon you.

My love for you is so, so immense and deep and unending.  Remember this daily my sweet, sweet child.


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