Miracles Happen!


The dryness was almost palpable….irregular devotions, a lack of spirit-filled prayers, missing worship services, etc; my spirit cries out, “G-d where are you?” It’s a rhetorical qustion as I know He is right here with me. If anything it should be Him asking “Tovah, where are YOU?”

Lately each day seems exactly like the one before it. Every morning the ritual replays itself….waking up, having a few cups of coffee, dressing and going to our storage cell to bring boxes back to our apartment in preparation for our move to Las Vegas. When done we lounge around and productivity plummets for the rest of the day. I finally broke the monotony yesterday by attending a meeting where panelists discussed the life and work of Bob Moog, inventor of the Moog synthesizer. That was fun at the time but now I am back in my rut.

This morning I went outside with my coffee and Bible and read some of the Gospel of John. I saw a bumble bee come by to light upon the few fragile mimosa blossoms of our potted mimosa bush/tree we grew from baby cuttings. The bee buzzed around and only landed on blossoms. I guess he found them by color or scent. I studied how large the bee’s body was and how small its wings were. That they could fly at all seemed an impossibility. I read somewhere that the bumble bee has these mitochondria (power cells) that empower those little wings, enabling them to lift and move its oversized body. It is one of G-d’s little creative miracles.

One might ask why aren’t bumble bees just created with wings properly sized for their bodies? Well I suppose that could have been, but then we would have one less thing to marvel at, wouldn’t we? The greater message to all of us is that though certain situations in our individual lives seem impossible and we can’t see how things will ever change, with G-d (like in the example of the bumble bee) all things are possible.

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