Better is One Day in Your Courts (than 1,000 anywhere else)


What does it mean to spend a day in HIS courts? To me it means spending as much of the day in sweet communion with HIM. To wake up and speak HIS name, thank HIM for the new day, for my health, home, family, friends and job…to acknowledge to HIM that every good thing in my life is because HE deemed to bless me with those things….being ever mindful that millions of others are not nearly as blessed as I am.

Lately I have been enjoying the late summer storms of Florida. Sometime after 2 pm, the clouds thicken and with the sound of distant thunder and a smattering of raindrops, we sense their movement across the landscape. The thunder, lightening and rain increase in intensity as they approach our neighborhood. With TV and computer off, we rest in our room with our cat quietly taking in G-d’s magnificient light and sound show. It’s
G-d’s way of saying, “I’m shutting down your world for awhile….arresting the usual din of your everyday life. Focus on ME, marvel at the power and beauty of this natural phenomenon. It is good for you to quiet your mind and have thoughts only of ME. I am jealous for your time and attention. I hate having to compete with mindless television shows and computer activities. If you don’t set them aside willingly, I will force you to….that’s how much I love you and desire your company.”

Wen the storm sits right over our home, it is at its peak intensity. The lightening flashes and illuminates our darkened room. I say to John: “Get ready, here it comes. HE is here now, right over our heads, knocking at our front door, rattling our window panes. It is a Holy visitation. I think of Moses on Mt. Sinai and wonder if it might have been like this.

This is how we dwell in HIS courts… seeing HIM all around us….in a baby’s smile, a budding flower, a storm at sea, the soft gaze of a wise old man, the sound of beautifully played music, in the thunder and lightening, in the blurring, almost invisible beating of a hummingbird’s wings. Look for HIM everywhere and you will find HIM. In so doing you will spend the day in His courts.

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