The Inner Conversation


It was Fall 2002 and Pat Pritchard, a prophetess, came to our area.  Women especially gravitated to her for her words of comfort and advice.  About 20 of us had a house meeting and she exhorted us to keep journals of what we sensed G-d was telling us.  I took this advice and made entries here and there over the ensuing years.

The Inner Conversation/Dialog each of us can have is nothing new.  I am now at a chapter in Kempis’ “Imitation of Christ” which does the very same thing.  Its title is “Of the Inward Conversation of Christ with the Faithful Soul”

I’d like to share a few of my journal entries with you:

10/14/02 The Lord spoke and said, “I want you to die to self even more than you have so far.  Run through the meadows of my love for you which will make daily living light and a joy.  I will grant you favor in the eyes of all those in your life as you yield more and more of yourself, letting My light shine in and through you and out towards others.

I am pleased you desire this also, but want you to desire even more of it.  Do not become self-satisfied….that will soon become a stagnant pool.  You love Me, but not as you did in the early ’80’s when you walked so closely to me.  We ran together, like children, in a field of daisies….remember?

Keep on hating evil in all its forms and flee from it.  Do not stop to peek at or listen to it….shut it out completely.

10/15/02  Yeshua (Jesus) speaks:  “We will run through the fields together once more, laughing.  Your heart will again burn with love for Me, your Messiah Redeemer”

I speak:  “Help me Yeshua to break through the words in my head that say I love You.  Cause those words to come forth from my heart burning with that love.

Yeshua speaks:  “Let the process begin with your drawing near to Me each morning.  DO NOT begin your day without ME.  I am more important than exercize, medication or coffee.  Come sit at my feet and be still before ME and I will give to you all you need for that day.

Love your husband in special ways today.  Draw close to him.  Rub his feet, kiss his cheek, wait on his needs, smile, put on makeup; deck yourself as one going before a King.  Do things to make him feel royal.  Love him just as he is, as I love all people just as they are….therefore, do ye likewise.”

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