The following rap is meant to convey my frustration
at how un-Jewish Jesus is thought of within Christianity and how the church has for centuries downplayed and all but ignored His Jewishness and anything associated with the Torah and Judaism in general.

Yo Yo Yahshua! They say you’re a Jew

But what has the church done to you?

Your name’s been changed, like your day of rest……your feasts ignored

weighs so heavy on my breast!

Listen up Christians – we’re your sistahs and your bruth-as

stop dissin’ Judaism, cuz it hurts your true faith muth-a

When He lived on earth, Yahshua was Jewish to the core…but no more.

Yahshua, your people can’t relate to you… them you don’t look like a Jew

A river of blonde now flows from your head

eyes of brown, now limpid blue in their stead.

The true you is dead!

They wrapped the Jewish you in a tallit and buried you deep…..

unaware that you’d later awaken from your sleep- ing stupor

and throw them for a loop-er

You are the Torah and the Torah is you! Can this be true?

What joy! You’re no longer a goy-boy!

What happiness! What bliss! Your Jewish feet we’ll kiss!

Your love for the Gentiles will always be there

but the Jews who come to faith will bring forth a tear……

Your tears shed in joy for the least of your brethren

with you forever…..and ever……in heaven

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