The Teshuvah Trilogy – Part III – Swing Low, Sweet Motorcycle…coming for to carry me home

Teshuvah – The root word is the Hebrew “shoov” which means to return. It combines both aspects of forgiveness: turning from evil and turning toward good.

Many were the times the Lord tried to get my attention through dreams.  Such was the case with the following dream which I had in the late 1970’s.

I was riding on the back of a flat bed truck, near the edge of the bed.  We were riding a road that ascended and descended some hills and frequently went around long curves.  As we were rounding one curve I heard in the distance the sound of a motorcycle revving its engine and drawing closer to us.  Then the bike emerged and on it were the main rider….a slender woman with carrot red hair and wearing aviator sunglasses.  She had no helmet and her hair blew freely in the wind.  She had a kind of no nonsense attitude about her….all business and did not smile or show much of any expression.  Behind her was a male passenger.  He too wore sunglasses and a purple metallic helmet.  He cocked his head to the side of her neck and smiled an impish smile at me.  My mind was thinking…”What do you want with me?”  The answer was “We’ve come to save you from yourself”.  I sensed they wanted me to come with them.  While mulling this over, I heard in the distance another sound of an approaching motorcycle.  The newly arrived bikers looked almost identical to the first pair.  They too wanted me to go with them.  The first pair cautioned me not to go with them as they meant to harm me.  Of course the second pair said the same thing.  I sat for several more minutes studying the four of them.  The first pair seemed fine with this, calmly biking along behind the truck.  After awhile the second pair seemed to come a bit undone…shifting around on their seats….maybe a bit worried I wouldn’t pick them…..I didn’t.  I joined the first pair and drove off with them.  No evil befell me.

I believe the first pair were God’s angels convincing me to return to His path while the other pair were counterfeits whose mission was to lead me astray.

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