The Teshuvah Trilogy – Part II – Returning to the Sweetly Familiar


God continues to call to me in this dream……….

I am walking up to a church door. I see the large oak doors and the black metal thumb plate. I press the thumb plate down and push the door open. To my left I see a door open with a beautiful rosy pink light emanating from it. I enter and see a room full of votive candles. Their rosy lights gently flicker across the stone walls. In front of each row of candles there is a row that displays greeting cards with warm comforting thoughts printed inside them. I feel very calm and relaxed in this room as I pick up different cards and read them.

Time passes and suddenly I am out in the city walking about with my husband John. I realize I am in the neighborhood of the church and tell John I want to go to the church to get a birthday card for someone. He asks where the church is. I say I don’t know but I’m sure it is nearby. He says well if you can’t find it, let’s go and he tries to drag me away. I resist and he leaves without me. My eyes eagerly scan the skyline for a hint of the building. Suddenly a gust of wind lifts a tree bough upwards and through the parted boughs I see the steeple of the church. I exclaim excitedly..”There it is!!” and run towards it.

Once again I see the large oak doors and the thumbplate. I enter and immediately turn left to go to the votive candle room with all the cards. I am so happy to be there as I re-experience the serenity and contentment as I did before.

Here God is showing me how knowing Him and fellowshipping with Him can make life a joy. John represents the distractions of the world that would lead me away from God. Though I was discouraged for a bit, I persevered and again found the house of worship. Upon returning to it, I was like a dying woman finding an oasis of water and never again departing from it.

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