Misplaced (or Lost) Zeal


What are you zealous for? Many people can be very zealous about so many different things….political candidates, sports teams, etc. In the 2008 election I worked very “zealously” for a candidate. On one occasion me and another lady stood on a busy corner for two hours, during rush hour holding our candidate’s sign, jumping up and down, smiling, waving. I was so enthusiatic for the cause of my candidate.
Earlier that week in thinking about my next volunteering stint I sensed the Lord saying to me “When was the last time you had this much zeal for me, my word, my Son Yeshua, the saving message of the gospel?” I thought back and remembered another time of intense zeal.

I remembered 1997. It was the time of the Toronto Blessing when the Holy Spirit was generously poured out on those who visited the Toronto Airport Christian Fellowship (TACF). I went to a conference there in late March of that year. It was there that I experienced a major outpouring of the Holy Spirit. At each assembly we were totally immersed in the Baptismal Fires of the Holy Spirit, experiencing unspeakable joy. I had visions and dreams which came true there or later. I wanted so much to tell everyone about Yeshua and began doing things like writing brief notes to waitresses and grocery check out workers. A typical note went something like this: “Dear Sally, thank you for your excellent service in this restaurant. If you haven’t yet asked Yeshua (Jesus) into your heart, I pray you will do that very soon. May G-d bless and keep you always…In His Shalom, Tovah”. I invited total strangers to worship services, helped an elderly widow go shopping and took her to doctor’s appointments. My only wish was to do even more for the sake of G-d’s Kingdom. As the years passed by a lot of that zeal withered, to my disgrace.

I shared this insight with the brethren at House of G-d’s Glory and as I began talking about TACF in 1997 it was like a wormhole opened, taking me back to that time and place as I re-experienced being slightly tipsy from the Holy Spirit falling afresh upon me. With that I asked myself and others, when was the last time we were “on fire” for the Kingdom of G-d, for his Holy Word. When did we last weep for the lost as they head into a Christless eternity and what that would mean to them. I asked them to think about praying each morning (as I would) for a renewed sense of love and zeal for the Lord and our fellow man and that He would set our hearts on fire once again. Amen

First posted 12th November 2008 by Tovah

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