In The Shadow of the Strip

In the city called Las Vegas stands a man lost and alone
Seeking fun and happiness, and far away from home
“What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas” has become a famous quip
As souls are bought and sold here, in the shadow of The Strip

“Give us pleasure and fun” Babylon’s visitors cry
“Fill the emptiness our lives back home don’t fill
My spouse thinks it’s business….but what’s a little white lie?
The search for satisfaction seems all uphill
All we want from life’s pleasure cup is just a little sip,
Just like everyone else here, in the shadow of The Strip”

On Bellaggio’s sidewalk two street preachers were cuffed
“Don’t gamble with your soul” their signs declared
As a camcorder rolled, the cops were not swayed
And the men of G-d were carted away
The porn pushers kept working, the cops gave them no lip
And that’s how it went down, in the shadow of The Strip
(true story)

Driving home on Tropicana, gridlock brings all to a stop
Looking all around me, a prayer comes to my mind
“Tho’ I crawl through this valley of neon and light,
as small as I feel, I know me He will find
For His eye is on this sparrow, I won’t fall nor will I trip
He will lift me ever higher, even higher than The Strip“.

Jesus’ tears for lost souls could fill Bellagio’s fountains
As these prodigals look for the wrong kind of love
But His love is so great, great enough to move mountains
If they’d only come to Him, in meekness, as a dove

Admit we’re all sinners and we need to repent
Don’t let foolish pride get in the way
The peace you will feel is from heaven sent
As your life starts anew and His Words you obey

Now go out and tell others, proclaim the Good News
On the world’s radar screen you may be a mere “blip”
But in G-d’s eyes you’re no blip, in fact you are HUGE
Standing larger than life, overshadowing The Strip

P.S. I have since managed to find and connect with Pastor Tom Griner. He and Jim Webber were the two pastors arrested on the sidewalk of the Bellagio. I told him how much I respected his boldness and love for the lost and for taking a stand in the midst of Sin City.  Tom and I are now facebook friends.

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