I’m Just Not That Into Drowning

The following is a dream I had in the late 1970’s…..
I am standing on the shore of the ocean and looking out at its wondrous beauty. Something catches my eye. It is some red object bobbing up and down in the waves. It looks like a present, wrapped in red paper with a red bow on it. I decide to go into the water and go after it. I am swimming towards it for quite awhile and realize it is further out in the water than I first thought. I begin to tire and flirt with the idea of going back but realizing how close I am, continue. The waves are rolling in frequently and it is hard to make those last few strokes.

Finally I reach it. I am surprised the paper doesn’t feel wet, like it is wax-coated or something. As soon as I get both arms around it, it becomes extremely heavy and begins to drag me under the water. I continue to hold it and try to work my way up to the surface again. The weight of the box tires me and I let go. Once I let go, it happily bobs up to the surface again. I decide to try again, but the same thing happens. After all this effort I realize all attempts to bring the gift box to the shore are futile and make my way back.

What this dream means to me is that there are many things we may encounter on our life path that look very desirable. Things like fame, fortune, beauty, love, power, prestige, etc. entice us to pursue them with all our energy. However we soon realize that which seemed so desirable may actually be destructive to us, dragging us under, drowning us. Some people may yet persist in their quest to “get that box” at all costs and later suffer pain and misery realizing too late it just wasn’t worth it.

What about you? Is there a beautiful red gift box you’ve been pursuing? Is the pursuit of it tiring you, sapping your strength, distracting you from other goals or people that are more important? If, like me, you’re just not that into drowning, let it go.

First posted 2nd March 2009 by Tovah

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