A Prophet In Her Own Mind


I’m back in time…May 2001 to be exact; I’m remembering when me and friend Barbara D. met on the plaza in front of Cornell University’s student union. We were both on a Christian mailing list and learned about an outreach that day, over the lunch hour.

It was a warm, sunny, beautiful day. Barbara and I find each other and we stand on the edge of the plaza to listen to the speakers. Many of the speakers were Asian students. One by one they approached the podium and microphone and gave testimonies of what the Lord has done for them since each came to faith.

“I think I’m going to go up to say something” I tell my companion. I was sensing a cynical mood in the crowds of students walking about, lounging on the lawns, etc. After the speaker leaves, I approach the podium and speak into the microphone. It went something like this:

“Good afternoon…my name is Tovah and I work here at the university. I am a Messianic Jew who believes in Yeshua (also known as Jesus). Yeshua is his REAL name in Hebrew. Thank you for listening to all the other speakers. I know many of you here will be graduating and moving out into the “real” world. You’ve worked long and hard and deserve your respective degrees. I wish you every good thing life has to offer, truly I do.

You may, however, find along life’s path that some things which originally fulfilled you, seem less fulfilling at some point. You may feel that neither money, fame, marriage, career, etc has completed you. You’ll sense an inner restlessness but don’t know what it is or where it comes from. It is from your need to have G-d in your life. He created us so that we might fellowship with Him, involve Him in our everyday lives. One of the early church fathers (St. Augustine, I think) once said, “Our hearts are eternally restless O Lord, until they rest in you”. There is a vacuum that G-d put within each one of us and when we finally realize our need for Him, we will invite Him into our lives to fill that vacuum.

Many of you may have found this event as something to partake of for the moment and don’t think you will remember any of it later. I tell you now, when that restlessness hits you, causing you to ask ‘What’s missing?’, these words which I am speaking here today will come to your remembrance.”

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